Laura has an uncanny editors gift to make things muscular and dramatically clean.

 -Robert Bowie Jr.

She. Is. Awesome. Thank you, Blue Panther!  The entire team has provided invaluable support on the 2017 multinational tour of my show and has never faltered in its efforts to make each station stop
a roaring success.

--Dylan Brody, Writer/Performer, Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood, Chicago, Barcelona, London, and New York, 2017


Thank you, Laura! It was REALLY helpful to speak with you, this was incredibly helpful and helped steer me in the right direction. It helped me to stand up for my work...it felt good to ask for what I felt was
deserved instead of just giving it away.

-Sina al-Qamar, Filmmaker, Toronto/Los Angeles/New York (Strategic Deep Dive)

  For years, I dreamed of the day someone would walk up to me and finally say, "Your art is amazing, and I want to help you share it with the world, so you can focus on what you to best: the art." And then I met Laura Lundy-Paine, and that's just what she said! She is a fierce and dedicated producer.  She will promote and protect your piece with all her heart, because she believes in you, and that kind of authentic support is priceless.

-Alicia Dattner, Creator/ Solo Performer, The Oy of Sex, New York, 2016

Laura Lundy Paine is one smart cookie. If Laura decides to work with you, you can be assured that not only does she admire your work, but she becomes deeply committed. Thanks to her deft guidance, my play has taken on a life that I knew was there but had become encumbered by my own missteps. She has high ambitions for her writers and carefully puts them on the path toward production.

Elizabeth Appell, Playwright, The Family Trick, San Francisco/Bay Area Showcase, California, 2016   

Laura's approach to story, seeing characters from different perspectives, understanding the different dimensions of the work -- adds a tremendous amount of insight to the whole process of playwriting and production.  I look forward to working with her again! 

Scott Charles, playwright, Dinners With AugieThe Call-Girl's Dilemma, The Dark Waters

Laura’s expert consultation on my play elevated it to a level I had envisioned but couldn’t quite reach on my own. With her extensive experience in all aspects of theater--the artistic as well as the nitty-gritty facets of production--she is able to discern what works and what doesn’t. Her input was invaluable and the process enlivening. 

Nina Solomita, Playwright, After the Sermon, Production Ready Script, 2015