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Dinners With Augie

Written by Scott Charles

 Directed by E.M. Hodge

Antiquite Maison Privee, Sacramento, California, June 3-7, 2015.

After suffering a devastating heart attack, Arthur Valentine is forced to confront his own mortality. In a series of conversations with his doctor, he begins to experience visions he cannot explain that take him on a journey deep into the metaphysical world. Half-dreaming, half-awake, he makes an extraordinary discovery about the unshakable bonds between past and present. Playwright Scott Charles is the author of "The Call Girl's Dilemma," "Chamber of Love", "The Dark Waters," and "The Glass Slipper Polka." 

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The Call-Girl's Dilemma
& The Chamber of Love

Written by Scott Charles

Directed by John Byrd

A stage reading of Bay Area playwright Scott Charles’ new short plays "The Call-Girl’s Dilemma," and "Chamber of Love", directed by John Byrd. 

Zephyr Theatre, 7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles,  January 18, 2015. Two smart, sexy new short plays by Bay Area playwright Scott Charles at Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles. Directed by Los Angeles director/playwright John Byrd and starring acting duo Dan Fagan and Laura Lundy-Paine, the stars of the recent New York production of Virago Theatre Company's"AROUSAL" and "The Lover" at The Flea Theater. 

The Call-Girl's Dilemma

She’s a former call girl. He’s an ex-client who never left. Together, they've created a powerful new company. Now his career is on the rise and his business partners want her gone. Boy meets girl? Not exactly. A sensual and provocative look at love, lust & forbidden fruit.

Chamber of Love
Lisa and Carter have been married a long time. They have a great deal to argue about, and both are fiercely passionate about what they believe. Will these feelings ever resolve? The real question is: should they? See what happens when they visit the Chamber of Love. Because sometimes, you need a higher authority.