Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood

"The writing is brilliant" - Robin Williams

"I have enjoyed Brody's albums very much. The voice is unique and unpredictable, funny and fascinating. I howled." - David Sedaris

"Brody approaches comedy as literature."  Paul Provenza


Driving into Hollywood for the biggest meeting of his life, award-winning humorist & actor Dylan Brody remembers his boyhood in the downtrodden town of Schuylerville, New York, where he carried around Marvel comics tucked into Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” and was a regular visitor to the principal’s office for challenging his teachers’ assertions about the superiority of democracy and the underlying philosophies of second-grade hierarchies. Brody’s father, a professor at Skidmore College, also a regularly invited guest at the office at Schuylerville Central School, warned him that the American educational system was not his son’s responsibility to fix, but applauded him for trying.

Witty, inventive, and always playful, Brody employs his signature structure of literary flashback and comedic callbacks to lead us through his absurdist childhood in a throwback town where the mayor begrudgingly acknowledged the family’s arrival by amending the sign at the town’s border to read: “Welcome to Schuylerville, Population 984… and some Jews,” to his early professional and artistic disappointments in the entertainment industry and on into his adult life as a comic and writer in Los Angeles. In a town where success and fame is constantly almost happening, Brody lifts our spirits and unites our common dreams in this very funny story of passion, heartbreak and a spark of hope at the intersection of art and commerce.


Originally performed at The Henry Hwang Theatre, Los Angeles 2015

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The Birds

Blue Panther Productions in association with Symmetry Theatre Company presents the Bay Area Premiere of The BirdsConor McPherson's adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's classic thriller.


Sara Does A Solo

“Smart, funny, and poignant... a tour de force

~Karen Bernard (Director, Performance Mix Festival, NYC)

Sara does a Solo is being celebrated on both sides of the border, called “soulful”, “urgent” and a “tour de force” by New York presenters. After 25 years writing on the works and lives of other artists, Porter turns her pen on herself to present a collision of dance, storytelling, poetry, stand-up, singing and visual design in an inter-play of fact and fiction, memoir and fantasy, confession and caricature.

Sara does a Solo is a fearless account of aging and the reflective mind.  Sara Porter's work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council, the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, and the Scottish Arts Council, as well as private donors.


The Oy of SEx

Dattner is a delight to watch, and her enthusiasm is intoxicating.” -SF STATION

“Alicia brings the audience into her intimate space and guiding them on a breathtakingly hilarious ride through her personal history made public. If you want to laugh until your soul shakes, and feel like a better person for the experience, do yourself a favor and check out this incredible performance.”  -LUDICROUS PALAVER

“Goofy, messy, and fun.” SF WEEKLY

“Charming, likable, and funny.” -LA THEATRE REVIEW

“Most comedy with a message is overly saccharine and underly funny. Dattner’s show is just the right amount saccharine and painfully funny.”

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Dinners With Augie

“Dinners With Augie” is the story of Arthur Valentine. After suffering a heart attack, Arthur must confront his own mortality. With the help of his doctor, Tom Mauro, and nurse Danielle Signorello, he makes an amazing discovery about life — the unshakable bonds between past and present.

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The Call Girl's Dilemma

Alex is a successful real estate developer who lives in a world of power and seduction, and has a tempestuous relationship with a younger man. She enjoys it. So does he. But just as an important project is about to go public and offer new levels of notoriety and recognition, unsettling information about her past comes back to haunt her, threatening to destroy everything.