Me, Myself and Rita

Book by Almog Pail, Music by Logan Medland

 Almog Pail as Rita Hayworth in "Me, Myself and Rita," 54 Below, New York City, April 2017. Book by Almog Pail, Music by Logan Medland, directed by Jay Stern.

Almog Pail as Rita Hayworth in "Me, Myself and Rita," 54 Below, New York City, April 2017. Book by Almog Pail, Music by Logan Medland, directed by Jay Stern.

Me, Myself and Rita


A musical revue on 1940’s Hollywood’s pin-up Rita Hayworth, inspired by true events. Rita Hayworth (Almog Pail) takes the audience on a journey of music, dance and magic. Characters from her past come to life, including adored dance partner Fred Astaire, scandalous lover Orson Welles. The musical score soars with original songs composed by Logan Medland ("The Bardy Bunch," "Fingers and Toes") paired with standards from Rita’s most popular films, such as “Put The Blame on Mame" (Gilda), “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” (Pal Joey), and “Please Don’t Kiss Me” (The Lady from Shanghai). Rita searched her entire life for the man who would love her for who she was behind the cameras, but she could never quite disassociate herself from the seductive characters she played in the movies. She married & divorced five times in her search. “When they went to bed with Gilda, they were surprised to wake up with me,” she said. Rita Hayworth was the first public figure to be associated with Alzheimer's at a time of little understanding of the disease. Through her struggle, many of her fans stayed faithful, finding comfort in knowing they were not alone.

“Me, Myself and Rita” originated as a solo show commissioned in Malta by the Mediterranean Institute Theatre Program, next it was produced Off-Broadway at Theater Row (Fall 2016), followed by a sold out engagement at Feinstein's/54 Below.  

The show is now being developed into a full-length Broadway-bound musical by Blue Panther Productions with 4 cast members and many new songs by composer Logan Medland. Collaborators include Canal Café Theatre, London, performances November 2-5th, 2017 featuring new songs. Collaborative team: Almog Pail (creator, writer, book) Composer and Musical Director Logan Medland ("A Bronx Tale,””Cats,”"Chicago,""Jersey Boys”), and Director Jay Stern ("The Bardy Bunch,” "Hell is for Real.” Founder, World Wide Lab).


“Put the Blame on Mame”

“Please Don’t Kiss Me,” “Me, Myself and Rita,”  54 BELOW

Featurette with Writer & Star, Almog Pail



Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood

By Dylan Brody, Directed by Nancy Carlin

2017 International Tour

Chicago: May 3-20 Apollo Studio Theatre

Barcelona:  May 25-27 Tinta RoJa Bar/Teatro

London:  June 9-17 Canal Café Theatre



Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood

Driving into Hollywood for the biggest meeting of his life, award-winning humorist & actor Dylan Brody remembers his boyhood in the downtrodden town of Schuylerville, New York, where he carried around Marvel comics tucked into Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” and was a regular visitor to the principal’s office for challenging his teachers’ assertions about the superiority of democracy and the underlying philosophies of second-grade hierarchies. Brody’s father, a professor at Skidmore College, also a regularly invited guest at the office at Schuylerville Central School, warned him that the American educational system was not his son’s responsibility to fix, but applauded him for trying.

Witty, inventive, and always playful, Brody employs his signature structure of literary flashback and comedic callbacks to lead us through his absurdist childhood in a throwback town where the mayor begrudgingly acknowledged the family’s arrival by amending the sign at the town’s border to read: “Welcome to Schuylerville, Population 984… and some Jews,” to his early professional and artistic disappointments in the entertainment industry and on into his adult life as a comic and writer in Los Angeles. In a town where success and fame is constantly almost happening, Brody lifts our spirits and unites our common dreams in this very funny story of passion, heartbreak and a spark of hope at the intersection of art and commerce.

Sponsored by Throckmorton Theatre & Blacksmith Cellars

Originally performed at The Henry Hwang Theatre, Los Angeles 2015



By Robert Bowie Jr.




Written by: Robert Bowie Jr.

New York reading directed by: Eric Reid

A chance meeting between a hitchhiker, a cowboy and a waitress in Reno 1980 becomes much more dangerous than just a road trip when this unlikely trio realizes that two of them are inextricably linked together through the long-buried secrets of their past. In an explosive conclusion, they are forced to return to everything they escaped and stand up against their deepest fears in a stand-off that may ultimately destroy them.

Blue Panther Productions and African-American Shakespeare Company in the San Francisco Bay Area presents a developmental reading of Baltimore playwright Robert Bowie Jr.'s newest play, "Onaje." Set in two worlds, Maryland 1980, and the civil rights riots in the Eastern shore in 1967, "Onaje" explores identity and power in a riveting story, compelling us to face the viciousness of racism...and offering a seed of hope for change. 

Playwright and Poet Robert Bowie, Jr. of Baltimore, Maryland has had nine plays produced, including "There Ain't No Wyoming" and "Naked House Painting Society" through The Baltimore Playwrights Festival, and has several more scripts in development. Bowie's political farce "Crash & Burn P.A." was the only submission selected by the 2016 Festival Committee for a full production at Theatrical Mining Company, Baltimore. Bowie's plays are focused on social justice and span a broad spectrum between drama and comedy. His subject matter ranges from plays about racial prejudice and civil rights to political farce. Bowie is a graduate of Harvard University and is the Poet Laureate of The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) He recently retired from the successful law firm he founded to focus on his passion for the arts. Bowie is dedicated to writing and working to create social justice through playwriting, using cases from The Innocence Project to teach litigation procedure and professional ethics at the University of Maryland Law School. The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 and exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing, reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.


The Birds

Birds 200 x 300.jpg

In Association with Symmetry Theatre
Written By: Conor McPherson
Directed By: Chloe Bronzan

Diane and Nat are strangers, trapped in a house in the countryside. They cannot leave or they will be attacked, their eyes pecked out and their bodies left to rot. They must find a way to survive, to escape their prison even as the secrets and lies between them grow deeper and more deadly.

Blue Panther Productions in association with Symmetry Theatre Company presents the site-specific Bay Area Premiere of “The Birds,” Conor McPherson’s adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s classic thriller in Oakland’s Pardee Home, Historic Museum & Carriage House. McPherson’s (“The Seafarer) tense adaptation will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Alfred Hitchcock fans will love this edgier version, which includes elements of his iconic 1963 horror film yet darker and more claustrophobic. 

Directed by Chloe Bronzan, Starring Robert Parsons *, Laura Lundy, Martha Brigham* and Kacey Kieta.


Sara does a solo

Written & Performed By Sara Porter


Sara does a solo

“I’ve finally figured out what I am: a blend of fact and fiction, a moving, howling, contemporary-stand-up-dance-comedian with no secrets. I’ve also come to realize that I am as good a candidate as any for False Memory Syndrome.” -Sara Porter

Blue Panther Productions, in association with San Francisco International Arts Festival presents celebrated Canadian dancer and performance artist Sara Porter in
"Sara does a Solo,"  May 20 & 22, 2016.

Porter turns her writing on herself, devising the piece as a fearless account of what we all face: the aging body and the reflective mind. After two decades as a dancer – creating distinctive, quirky pieces – and a career as dance writer, Porter stands at the collision of the two: an interplay of fact and fiction, memoir and fantasy, confession and caricature. With a penchant for humor and a sharp eye to visual design, Porter creates a world where intimacy and pathos, hilarity and beauty co-exist in the physical stories she tells about life as an artist and a parent. Part memoir, part stand-up comedy, part dance performance, Sara does a Solo is unlike anything else. A bold and beautiful account of mid-life.


The Oy of Sex

oy 200 x 300.jpg

The Oy of Sex

Written and Performed by Alicia Dattner
Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher

San Francisco’s Blue Panther Productions presents the New York premiere of award-winning Bay Area comedian Alicia Dattner’s solo show "The Oy of Sex!”  Performances at THE BRIDGE@Shetler Studios for just three weeks, March 29-April 17th, 2016.

Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher, this fast-paced, laugh-out loud “romantic" comedy about love addiction has has won awards all over the West Coast and has been a sell-out in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, San Francisco Fringe Festival & The Marsh Theater. 

Using true stories from her life, Dattner shares a recipe for disaster: take one virgin, two boyfriends, several dozen lovers, half a dysfunctional family, and one comedian. Bake 15 years, sprinkle a pinch of polyamory, serve hot, and voila! The result is this raw, breathtakingly funny show about love addiction directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher. “Best Comedian," SF Weekly & SF Bay Guardian,, “Best of the Fringe," Hollywood Fringe Festival/Cafe Arts Award, “Best Storyteller," New York United Solo Festival, “Goofy, messy, and fun!” Pick of the Week -SF Weekly, “Best of the Fringe” & “Best Female Solo Act” -San Francisco Fringe Festival, “Pick of the Week” -SF Chronicle “What’s Hot Pick of the Week” feature -ABC 7.


Augie poster plain.jpg

Dinners With Augie

Written by Scott Charles

 Directed by E.M. Hodge

Antiquite Maison Privee, Sacramento, California, June 3-7, 2015.

After suffering a devastating heart attack, Arthur Valentine is forced to confront his own mortality. In a series of conversations with his doctor, he begins to experience visions he cannot explain that take him on a journey deep into the metaphysical world. Half-dreaming, half-awake, he makes an extraordinary discovery about the unshakable bonds between past and present. Playwright Scott Charles is the author of "The Call Girl's Dilemma," "Chamber of Love", "The Dark Waters," and "The Glass Slipper Polka." 

cg 200 x 300.jpg

The Call-Girl's Dilemma
& The Chamber of Love

Written by Scott Charles

Directed by John Byrd

A stage reading of Bay Area playwright Scott Charles’ new short plays "The Call-Girl’s Dilemma," and "Chamber of Love", directed by John Byrd. 

Zephyr Theatre, 7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles,  January 18, 2015. Two smart, sexy new short plays by Bay Area playwright Scott Charles at Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles. Directed by Los Angeles director/playwright John Byrd and starring acting duo Dan Fagan and Laura Lundy-Paine, the stars of the recent New York production of Virago Theatre Company's"AROUSAL" and "The Lover" at The Flea Theater. 

The Call-Girl's Dilemma

She’s a former call girl. He’s an ex-client who never left. Together, they've created a powerful new company. Now his career is on the rise and his business partners want her gone. Boy meets girl? Not exactly. A sensual and provocative look at love, lust & forbidden fruit.

Chamber of Love
Lisa and Carter have been married a long time. They have a great deal to argue about, and both are fiercely passionate about what they believe. Will these feelings ever resolve? The real question is: should they? See what happens when they visit the Chamber of Love. Because sometimes, you need a higher authority.